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When the seventh grade class stepped outside to join the rest of the students, Sally and Cindy, grinning freely, each grabbed one of Ibiki's hands and began parading him around the girls' side of the playground. Within a matter of moments there was a crowd of wide-eyed, giggling girls trailing the trio. The boys on the other side of the yard had halted their baseball and basketball games and were watching from a distance. Word quickly spread about Ibiki's earlier female clothing shame and subsequent stripping. There was a buzz in the air, and the excitement level was extraordinary. As all eyes focused on him, Ibiki, blushing crimson, avoided eye contact with everyone.

Sally and Cindy, clutching Ibiki's hands securely, gradually started walking faster and faster, until they sped to a skip. Ibiki walked briskly, occasionally speeding to a trot to keep up with the grinning twosome. "Skip with us, Ibiki," ordered Sally. "We promised Sister Mary Ruth you'd get some exercise. You want us to give Sister Ruth a good report, don't you?"

Ibiki had no choice but to follow the lead of his two tormentors. While he skipped around the yard the back of his skirt bobbed up and down, briefly exposing his ruffled panties with each skip. His attempts to hold the skirt down were rebuffed, as the girls had a firm grasp of his hands. Sally and Cindy were having the time of their lives while being cheered on by their appreciative audience. It was certainly a recess session no one would soon forget.

The Eighth Graders

Sally and Cindy eventually became winded, so they stopped with Ibiki by a bench against the wall of the school building. Ibiki used the opportunity to sit down, being careful to smooth down his skirt. Most of the girls were milling around in the vicinity of  Ibiki, very much absorbed in the unusual spectacle. Within moments after Ibiki was seated, three girls from the eighth grade approached him. Two of them sat down on either side of him, while the other stood facing him next to Sally and Cindy. Not far behind them, a large gathering of girls looked on with considerable interest. Ibiki was becoming more ill at ease by the second. The cute girl on his left spoke first.

"Hi, pretty boy, my name's Karen," she said as she ran her hand through Ibiki's blond hair. "This is Linda on your right, and that's Nancy."

"Please, just leave me alone," pleaded Ibiki while staring down to the ground.

"His name is Ibiki," Sally offered.

"Gee, Ibiki," teased Karen, "You're dressed more like a 'Ibiki.' May I call you Ibiki?" Ibiki started to get up, but Nancy persuaded him back down with a gentle but purposeful push to his shoulders. "Don't leave, Ibiki," Karen said. "We're just trying to be friendly. We heard you were quite the slut in class today, with your little striptease act. We feel like we really missed out. We're thinking that since you showed your goodies to the seventh graders, then certainly you can put on a little show for your upper class women." A look of fear swept across Ibiki's face. Although wearing the girl's uniform caused him considerable humiliation, it sure beat the heck out of public nudity.

Ibiki's skirt had risen up a couple of inches when he sat down. Karen, eyeing Ibiki's thighs, ran the tips of her fingers back and forth across the top of his left thigh. " You've got very pretty legs, Ibiki. Just like a little schoolgirl's." Ibiki squirmed uneasily. "Feel Ibiki's legs, Linda," continued the grinning Karen. "They're so nice and silky smooth."

Linda stroked Ibiki's right thigh. "Ooh, you're right, Karen," taunted Linda. "They're smoother than a baby's bottom. Probably as smooth as Ibiki's bottom. Can you show us your smooth little bottom, Ibiki?" There was giggling all around as Ibiki sunk deeper into the throes of his wretchedness. Then Karen's hand delved a little higher up Ibiki's thigh, probing under his skirt. Ibiki instinctively grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away. Karen immediately slapped him across his face, marking the second time that morning that his face had been slapped.

"You keep your hands off me, Ibiki!" warned Karen, "Do you hear me? You touch me again and we'll strip off your girly clothes and have you skipping naked around the playground. From what I hear, it would be quite a site, your  penis bobbing up and down for us all to laugh at." Ibiki now had tears in his eyes. "Oh, poor baby," said Karen as she softly wiped a tear from his cheek with her thumb. "Did Auntie Karen make you cry?"

Nearly Stripped

Meanwhile, on his other side, Linda was surreptitiously working on the zipper of Ibiki's skirt. It had gone completely unnoticed by the unsuspecting Ibiki that his skirt had been zipped as far down as it would go. Karen didn't miss a beat. "All right, you can go now, Ibiki," she said. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry."

Their plan worked to perfection. When Ibiki stood up, the skirt instantly dropped to his ankles. Panicking, he bent over to pick it up, affording the giddy girls a marvelous view of his pantied behind. Karen reached for the back of his panties and managed to pull them down far enough to expose his buttocks, eliciting yelps of glee from the spectators and a cry of anguish from Ibiki. He reached back with one hand to pull them up while struggling with his skirt with the other. But Karen continued tugging on the panties. In serious danger of having them pulled further down and possibly completely off, Ibiki had to forego his efforts with the skirt to devote full attention to Karen's onslaught. In doing so, the skirt dropped to the ground, and as Karen pulled, Ibiki moved with her, causing him to step out of the skirt, much to the hilarity of the onlookers.

Meanwhile, Linda and Nancy swooped in to the aid of their friend Karen. Linda pulled upwards on the blouse while Nancy pulled on Ibiki's arms. "Let's strip him!" cried Linda.

Ibiki was in serious trouble. There was no way he would be able to stave off the attack much longer. "Strip him naked!" shouted an energized girl from the crowd, and when Sally and Cindy moved to join in, it seemed quite likely that they would do exactly that. Indeed, for one brief moment, Linda had the blouse pulled all the way up Ibiki's back and from behind Karen had pulled the panties down to his knees, affording Linda a fleeting glimpse of the teenager's prepubescent package and Karen a pleasurable view of his naked behind.

"No! No, please!" Ibiki cried out in distress.

Then, for the first time all day, something positive occurred for the beleaguered Ibiki. It was the classic "saved by the bell," as the loud shrill rang throughout the schoolyard. The aggressors backed off, and Ibiki quickly yanked up the panties and recovered the skirt.

"I saw it!" squealed Linda to Karen. Grinning derisively, she held out her thumb and index finger, spreading them about an inch and a half apart. Both girls laughed bawdily.

"Thanks for the sneak preview, Ibiki," Karen chortled as she walked past him while he was zipping up. "I saw your cute little butt, but it wasn't nearly enough, you little tease. I'll see you again at lunchtime."

Ibiki, unnerved, shuddered as he shuffled into the building amidst the throng of thoroughly entertained students.

Back in class, Ibiki slinked into his seat, still wearing the girls' uniform. It was time for math class, and he hoped to survive the whole period without drawing any more attention to himself. His hopefulness increased when Sister Ruth paid him no notice and said, "Pull out your math books, class, and open up to page ninety-two."

It would be ten minutes into the lesson when Sister Mary Ruth pulled her calculated move.

"Okay, you've got x=2y + 7, and you've got…Ibiki, why are you still dressed? Shouldn't you be naked?" Ibiki was at first shocked, then crestfallen. "Please come here, my little schoolgirl, so we can remedy that situation."

The interest level of the students suddenly increased exponentially.
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